Calm Dog Training Academy 

Isle of Wight based Professional Dog Training
Est. 2007 by Helen and Sami Bull





                           Sami schooling Irish Draught, Dublin                            

                                      Ringo our Border Collie


                    Malone our Guinea Pig    &    Bugsey our Rabbit

                                           Sami and Hugo

                                           Kath and Cally 

           Rusty                             Mia                                      Max



               Twiki                             Ed                                  Jess

                          Doris                                     Myla and Anya

            Mora                       Jasper                              Lace

                                            Sami and Norman

                                        Sami and Georgia

                                     Helen                                      5 of our dogs

                                              Training Class

Finley -          Sit                          Down               out of sight stay

                                          Sami and Jasper

Doing Show Practice, Jasper is now a Show Champion at the age of 3 

                                   Poppy, Freckles and Willow

                        Sami at Sparshalt College, Winchester

                   Velvet                          Daisy                        Sadi








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